Survival Thought of the Day 3

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Survival Thought of the Day 3

Postby LeeMorgan » Wed May 20, 2015 10:52 am

Assuming 5 good quality pallets, here are my thoughts for pallet uses:

- Strap 4 together in a box shape - A deer feeding box (filled with hay or corn)

- The structural frame for a compost pile, especially if you are composting Humanure - making a setup for two bays (one per year)

- Adirondack chair - 1-2 pallets could be broken down into individual pieces and the thicker pieces could be the diagonal braces

- A ground blind - using two forming a "V" - the initial frame that tree branches could be woven into

- I have a basement flooding problem (while I wait for funds to gut my basement floor) and I use two pallets to keep the washer and dryer off the floor if there is a floor - I also store my generator outside on a pallet to keep snow and water off the metal frame / engine (even though it is covered in a tarp)

- If it is a really garbage skid, it could be easily be disassembled into hundreds of figure-4 traps using a skill saw or tow create tripods for climbing plants.
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Re: Survival Thought of the Day 3

Postby LostSkillsPodcast » Tue May 26, 2015 12:16 am

nice! some really good ideas ! thanks Lee
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Re: Survival Thought of the Day 3

Postby Comrad » Tue May 26, 2015 11:58 pm

Probably the single greatest use for a pallet when I was a kid was making a tree house. You just haul them up the tree, wedge them in a fork and nail them down. With 5 you could make the frame work for a dual pallet floored tree house by breaking up the other three into individual pieces of timber.

Something that I've just done is to take a pallet, and using 4 other pallets, made walls around it, creating a crate in which I load firewood. I load the firewood at work, where I can pick it up with the forklift and store it in a back storage area undercover where I can ensure it stays dry. I also have the frame steel frame from an IBC which works great for this as well. I store a fair bit of firewood at work in a pile in a lay-down yard, but, being able to have 2 cords of wood stored away nice and dry, and easily moved is pretty great.
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Re: Survival Thought of the Day 3

Postby LeeMorgan » Fri May 29, 2015 11:27 am

I think that they have an inherent ability to allow air circulation which works great for composting and wood drying without any actual disassembly.

Another idea could be that they would ride in the back of your truck / suv and during off road / unfavorable terrain, could be pulled out and driven over when you hit a mud spot - possibly even left in spot for future driving through that area. Like how they used to use logs laid across roads:

They could also be used to create the framework for a debris shelter, by leaning themselves against each other like an inverted "V", and then piled on with 5 ft. of material (which makes it warm down to -50 Celsius according to the Tracker School - provided you fill the interior up to minimize air space) - great urban survival shelter.
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