Hello from Western Wisconsin

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Hello from Western Wisconsin

Postby Hendersond » Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:31 am

My name is Dan. I grew up in the 70s and 80s. My wife and I take our 2 boys there regularly. We have modern electronics, but limit them to 1 our a day. We offer them tools, shovels, old metal and boards. It is amazing what they build when you leave them alone. We listen to Dave Ramsey and follow his financial advice. I wish I did that 30 years ago. We are not homesteaders by any stretch, but we live in moderation. I like to learn old industrial skills. We are becoming more proficient is sewing right now. We make things like gun cases, seat covers, curtains and bags for everything possible just to use the skill. I purchased some 14g aluminum sheets from an old gas station canopy this summer. We banged our first 100 rivets just like they did on airplanes 80 years ago. We have learned a lot from Youtube. The boys got some of the 299 Days series books for Christmas. They have shelves full and a team of friends. They are camping here in a truck this weekend.
I have listened to the podcast for a while now and look forward to new episodes. It is positive, clean, realistic, and very informative.
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